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Can I have multiple Newsrooms?
Can I have multiple Newsrooms?

In this article we will explain if you can have multiple Newsrooms.

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Yes, you can have multiple Newsrooms. The number of Newsrooms is determined by your contract. If you ever need additional Newsrooms please reach out to your account representative. You can always upgrade and add as many Newsrooms as needed.

You may have different Newsrooms for different campaigns, product launches, conferences, and events.

With Newsroom, you can:

  • Showcase media coverage, press releases, blog posts, and social content in one place

  • Provide a one-stop information destination for media

  • Measure visitor traffic to your newsroom, content downloads, and other engagement

If you do have multiple Newsrooms set up, when you click the Newsroom Module you’ll see a list of your Newsrooms for easy navigation to switch back and forth between them.

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