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Hosted newsrooms

Hosted newsroom is a feature that mirrors all your Notified material to your own website. By default, all newsrooms in Notified will get an address like https://newsroom.notified.com/company-name.
Using a custom domain you can also have an address like http://press.companydomain.com. All of your news will also be linked through this address, e.g. http://press.companydomain.com/new-pressrelease.
So, by using hosted newsrooms, you can direct traffic to your own domain.

How to set it up

What you need:

  • A domain. For example companysite.com.

- Access to your domain's DNS (at the domain hosting provider: GoDaddy, One.com, Namecheap, etc).

Create a CNAME at your domain hosting service:
1. Sign into your domain hosting service.
2. Create a new CNAME record. In the "name" field, enter the subdomain you would like to use, for example press.companysite.com. In the "value" field, enter newsroom.notified.com. You can leave TTL at its default value.
3. Save changes.

Configure Notified:
1. Sign in to notified (https://go.notified.com)
2. Go to "Publish"
3. Choose "Settings"
4. Under "Hosted newsroom," enter the subdomain you chose previously (for example press.companysite.com).
5. Save Changes
6. Press "Check" to see if the CNAME can be resolved. In extreme cases this can take up to 48 hours, but it should be faster than that.

And you are done! Your newsroom will now be available at http://press.companysite.com

External test

Go to: https://www.ultratools.com/tools/dnsLookupResult
Search for your new newsroom subdomain. (Notified example below)

You should now see newsroom.notified.com in the result

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