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Helping issuers to comply with the European Market Abuse Regulation, national Security Trading Acts and Exchange Listing Rules

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This self-service solution applies the highest security, confidentiality and availability standards and is approved by financial regulators in the UK (FCA) and France (AMF). Our solution is one of a kind and is supported 24x7x365 by our multilingual European teams.

Our European Regulatory News (ERN) product enables issuers to file their regulated information with their Stock Exchange(s), Financial Regulator and Storage Mechanism, while effectively ensuring this news is made public across Europe on a variety of websites, financial terminals and in the media.

Regulated news can also simultaneously be posted on your IR website, distributed to your own subscriber lists and shared on social media, all in the spirit of transparency.

When you submit your news, our solution guides you through country specific requirements, ensuring you adhere to local market practices.

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