By using Notified's APIs, you can retrieve data from your account. The APIs are divided into Newsroom API and Listen API.

Newsroom API

By using this API, you can retrieve all data about your newsroom and its news. This will give you more possibilities to render a newsroom the way you want it on your homepage and get in full control of the SEO.
You can still use Notified Publish to write and send press releases.

More information about the Newsroom API can be found here.

Listen API

Need to retrieve data from your search profiles to analyze the result?
Use this API to get information about your search profiles and their mentions.

Detailed documentation can be found here.

Note that we can't provide the full data of a tweet due to Twitter's restrictions. Only the tweet id and user id are returned in our response. You can, however, by using Twitter's API to fetch the entire tweet. Read more about Twitter's API here.

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