A Newsletter report is an email with an update of the latest posts found in Notified. 

To create a new report go to REPORTS and Create new report

  • Report name - this is what the report is called in Notified. 

  • Under Chose content, pick which Search Profiles you want to receive updates on.

  • Decide who will be recipient of the report, by adding them under Chose recipients. If you want to send the report to somebody who isn't a user on your account, simply click Add email address and type in the recipient/s.  

  • By clicking on Exclude social media, you will only get articles in your report. 

  • Show image, check this if you want to include images. 

  • Under Sort report by: Date/Reach, chose which order the news will be presented in. Date shows the news in chronological order, and Reach shows the news with the highest potential reach first. 

  • Decide how you want the report to be displayed by choosing the e-mail's Subject line and if you want to add a Logo.  

  • Lastly, decide which days and what time you want to receive the report.

When you're happy with these settings, click Create and start retrieving your reports!

Edit/change the report

 To edit the report, you go to the Report module and click on the drop down menu that looks like 3 stripes.

Here, you can either edit the report or delete it.

When clicking on edit you will come to the same pop up window as the picture above where you choose time, days and name for the report. You can change search profiles as you wish and unclick/click search profiles. Please note, this will change the report for every recipient.

Start edit!

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