To create a new search, follow these steps:

  • Channels, click on the ⨁

  • Choose Keyword search

  • Under Keywords, enter the words you want to monitor, remembering to also add different variations and endings of the words. All news containing any of these words will be returned

  • If you want to narrow down the search, use Must include to determine words that must be found in the news, or use Must exclude to determine words that must not be found in the news. 

  • Choose which Language filter to apply to the search. Note that this decides the language and not the country. 

  • Under Media types you choose which media types to search in. The most common setting is to search in all, which is the preset.

  • Preview result for current search to preview the news return, to make sure your query is what you're after. When you're happy with the result, click on Next

  • Name your search under Search profile name, and place the profile in an existing or new Category

  • Add the search profile to existing newsletter if you want to receive daily updates on the profile. 

  • Click Save! Of course you can come back to this at any point to keep the search up to date. 

If you feel like the keyword search isn't enough to give you the result you need, we've also added a Boolean search operator that allows you to create more defined queries. Read about it here

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