A Newsletter report is an email with an update of the latest posts found in Notified. 

To create a new report go to REPORTS and Create new report

  • Report name - this is what the report is called in Notified. 

  • Under Chose content, pick which Search Profiles you want to receive updates on.

  • Decide who will be recipient of the report, by adding them under Chose recipients. If you want to send the report to somebody who isn't a user on your account, simply click Add email address and type in the recipient/s.  

  • By clicking on Exclude social media, you will only get articles in your report. 

  • Show image, check this if you want to include images. 

  • Under Sort report by: Date/Reach, chose which order the news will be presented in. Date shows the news in chronological order, and Reach shows the news with the highest potential reach first. 

  • Decide how you want the report to be displayed by choosing the e-mail's Subject line and if you want to add a Logo.  

  • Lastly, decide which days and what time you want to receive the report.

When you're happy with these settings, click Create and start retrieving your reports! 

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