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Free Press Release Templates
Free Press Release Templates

In this article, you'll find six free press release templates and nine guidelines for writing an excellent press release.

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A well-written press release can be an efficient and effective way to boost your content marketing and public relations strategy. The problem is, many people don't know how to write one.

The most important components of a successful press release are: (1) having a newsworthy event to promote; (2) using a quality press release template and distribution partner; and (3) following clear writing guidelines.

We can't help you with the newsworthy event, but we can give you the press release templates and writing guidelines to use for greater success. In this article you'll find:

  • 6 free press release templates for multiple situations

  • 9 guidelines for writing an excellent press release

To get the most from this guide, select one of the templates below and read the instructions. Then, follow our "9 Guidelines for Writing an Excellent Press Release" in the last section.

6 Free Press Release Templates for Multiple Situations

In this article, you'll find six free press release templates. Carefully review all the templates and choose the best for your situation. Please download and share these templates however you like!

1. General Press Release Template

Our "General Press Release" template is a Swiss Army knife solution that covers many scenarios. This press release ensures that you include everything the media and your key audiences want to see.

Follow these steps when completing this template, and all the other templates in this guide:

  1. Include your company’s specific logo.

  2. Fill in the brackets with your text or delete irrelevant bracketed sections.

  3. Fill in your headline and sub-headline.

  4. Be succinct, dynamic and engaging.

  5. Keep your press release between one and two pages in length.

  6. Adjust the formatting to make it "neat."

Before you write your press release, carefully review the "9 Guidelines for Writing an Excellent Press Release" (below).

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2. Special Events and Celebrations Press Release Template

This template works for special events and community celebrations, especially those that are open to the public. Use this press release to announce:

  • Grand openings

  • Fashion shows

  • Film screenings

  • Galas

  • Sporting events

  • Concerts

  • Public lectures

  • Charity events

  • Auctions

  • Other public celebrations

When writing, use exciting language that "sells" your special event to the public. Give them a reason to show up! How much does it cost? When is it? Who's going to be there?

Follow the advice in the "General Press Release" section (above) when filling out this template. Also, pay close attention to our "9 Guidelines for Writing an Excellent Press Release" (below).

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3. Unveiling or Launch Date Press Release Template

This press release template is for launching or unveiling a new product, service, technology, etc. The goal is to attract new customers. Use this template to announce:

  • New products

  • New professional services

  • Game-changing technologies

  • Social or political campaigns

  • New business launches

  • New website launches

  • Shipping dates for new products and how to buy them

Make sure you write your "Launch Date Press Release" in a way that it appeals to the widest audience possible. Also, give the media and your key audiences information about (1) the size of the audience, (2) why they'll be interested, (3) how much the product/service costs, and (4) how people can buy it.

Don't forget to follow the general advice for filling out the template included in the "General Press Release" section (above). And before writing, scan through the "9 Guidelines for Writing an Excellent Press Release" (below).

4. Company Developments Press Release Template

Companies are continually developing and growing, and so are their employees. The "Company Developments Press Release" is for important developments and changes that happen within your organization. You might use this template when your company:

  • Hires a legendary computer programmer

  • Gets a new CEO

  • Merges with a prestigious brand

  • Lands a lucrative new contract

  • Finalizes a legal settlement

  • Achieves a sales/income milestone

  • Achieves a corporate goal

  • Plans to construct a new facility

  • Recognizes the achievements of a team member or department

Don't forget to follow the general advice for filling out the template included in the "General Press Release" section (above). And before writing, scan through the "9 Guidelines for Writing an Excellent Press Release" (below).

5. Awards and Special Achievements Press Release Template

Perhaps your company just recognized the efforts of an employee who did something amazing. Maybe a prestigious organization gave your company an award. Use this template to share news about accolades and achievements like this.

When writing an "Awards and Special Achievements Press Release," don't forget to contextualize the award by showing why it's relevant to a wider audience. Not all awards will be interesting to the public, so be selective when promoting something like this to the media.

Make sure you refer to the "General Press Release" section (above) for more instructions on how to complete the template. Also, follow the "9 Guidelines for Writing an Excellent Press Release" (below).

6. Contact List Press Release Template (for Sending to an Email List)

If you have a contact list of your own, format your press release into a succinct and timely email announcement. The "Contact List Press Release" should be a mandatory extra step no matter which of these six press release formats you choose.

The "Contact List Press Release" template helps you craft an email to send directly to your established audience. Use it to announce:

  • New areas of business

  • Launches and product releases

  • Special events and celebrations

  • Awards and achievements

Remember that emails benefit from an eye-catching, click-worthy subject line. Also, don't forget to include links to your products, services, or webpage in the body of your email.

Read the "General Press Release" section (above) for tips on filling out the template. Also, use all the "9 Guidelines for Writing an Excellent Press Release" (below).

9 Guidelines for Writing an Excellent Press Release

Media outlets sort through mountains of press releases each day to find the most interesting stories. However, the majority of these press releases don't contain anything "newsworthy."

To get noticed, your press release needs to stand out from the rest. While keeping this in mind, peruse the following guidelines for writing a press release, and try to apply them to yours:

  1. Don't send a press release unless you have something truly interesting to announce. Your newsworthy event should be eye-catching, headline-worthy, exciting, curious, click-worthy, and awe-inspiring. It should be newsworthy and of interest to as many as possible. Let the facts speak for themselves.

  2. Think like a journalist. Journalists are hungry for a real story. They're digging through the mundane, trying to satisfy a demanding audience. That takes work. Reporters like to have all of the facts delivered to them. That's what your press release should do. Get into the head of the journalist. What do they want? What's going to make their readers happy? How can you provide that in your press release?

  3. Make the reporter's job easy. It's true that an impactful, engaging press release can help your business. Spell things out. Make things easy and clear. Your press release should act as a "story kit" with all the building blocks for a complete story. Include all the facts, stats, quotes, names, times, and dates in your submission. Essentially, you are giving the journalist a readymade, headline-worthy story.

  4. Let the facts speak for themselves. Don't use flowery language. This is not the time for grandiose promotion. Deliver the information and let the facts speak for themselves. It's the most powerful way to convey your message to a journalist and your readers.

  5. Spend time on your headline. The best press releases lead with a headline that grabs you by the eyes. If you can't summarize your story into an interest-inducing headline, chances are you don't have news.

  6. Be brief. When you can use ten words instead of 50, try five! We'll leave it at that.

  7. Don't use industry jargon. Strip all industry jargon from your press releases. Explain it like you’re talking to a fifth grader. Even if you're targeting industry-specific journalists, state your message in short sentences with simple words.

  8. Submit the press release "under embargo," and submit it early. Using "embargoed for" allows you to request a specific time and date for release. Media organizations will usually honor this date. More importantly, submitting early and under embargo helps journalists by giving them extra time to craft a compelling story.

  9. Don't rely on journalists alone. Reach out to your audience. Above you'll find our "Contact List Press Release." No matter which template you choose, create an additional press release with this template and send it to your email list. Also, post your news on social media. This will allow you to spread your message far and wide.

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A well-crafted press release is a powerful tool in your communications arsenal. Now you have six templates and the helpful guidelines to get you moving in the right direction.

But how do you ensure that your press releases aren't falling on deaf ears? Moreover, how do you know if your audience is hearing the right message?

At Notified, we provide digital communications solutions to companies of all sizes. Whether you're a Fortune 50 firm or a three-man startup, we can help you share your stories quickly and efficiently across all digital channels. Then, we'll monitor the true impact of those communications to make sure you’re getting the right message across.

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