What is SEDAR, and how does it relate to news distribution?

SEDAR, the System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval, is the online regulatory archive of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) where disclosure-related documents are filed and kept available for public access. In practice, companies that are listed on Canadian stock exchanges are legally obligated to file documents such as press releases, financial results, material change reports to SEDAR for archival and maintenance purposes. Aside from privileged correspondence, all filed documents are freely visible to the public via www.sedar.com.

GlobeNewswire provides SEDAR filing services to our clients upon request. We can accept SEDAR filing requests at all times, but documents can only be filed to the SEDAR system from 7:00 AM ET to 11:00 PM ET, Monday to Friday, excepting Canadian statutory holidays. Documents filed to SEDAR become visible on the sedar.com site within fifteen minutes after GlobeNewswire specialists complete the filing.

What do I need to start SEDAR filing through GlobeNewswire?

All SEDAR filers first require a profile to be set up on SEDAR itself. A profile is a short informational summary of the filer, focused around its address and exchange information, the details of which Canadian provincial securities jurisdictions it reports to, and whether it files under a prospectus or prospectus exemption. If your company does not have a SEDAR profile but requires one to be created, GlobeNewswire SEDAR specialists can create one on your behalf.

If your company already has a SEDAR profile, GlobeNewswire would need to receive authorization that we are able to make SEDAR filings on its behalf through a form that would be submitted to the Canadian Securities Administrators. For new clients, this step is handled during the account setup process.

Once SEDAR is fully set up in your account, all that's necessary is to request SEDAR filing during the release submission process. All documents are submitted to SEDAR in .pdf format, and in the case of news release filings, Notified SEDAR specialists are able to generate these automatically. All other SEDAR documents would need to be sent to us in .pdf format.

Is there a difference between SEDAR Direct and SEDAR Complete?

These are Notified-internal designations that do not impact the SEDAR filing process as a whole. A SEDAR Direct filing is one that is associated with a specific news release that is being sent out over the wire - generally a News Release, Material Change Report, or Early Warning Report filing. A SEDAR Complete filing is one that is independent of any other submission.

What are the costs for SEDAR filing?

The cost for a basic news release filing is $56 USD/$72 CAD. However, beyond this, the SEDAR system charges its own filing fees for some filings, such as annual financial statements and material change reports being filed to Quebec or Nova Scotia, that must also be paid. For filing fees of less than $1000 CAD, these will be included on your invoice. For fees greater than $1000 CAD, Notified requires prepayment via wire transfer or credit card. Please note that credit card prepayments also include an additional 4% service charge.

Why should I use GlobeNewswire for my SEDAR filing needs?

GlobeNewswire provides an integrated solution, as you can request SEDAR filings along with news release distributions through our online platform, and we ensure that whether it's through a final client-provided version or automatic generation, we file the most up-to-date version of your press release to the SEDAR system. GlobeNewswire specialists have been processing all manner of SEDAR filings for more than fifteen years, and are focused on accuracy and quality.

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