Plan ahead – Just like traveling to another country requires heavy-duty packing, your passport, complex flight schedules, and your translation app handy, so international distribution requires some detailed planning before your news takes off.

  1. WHY – Has your market expanded into new territory? Are you looking for distribution outside of North America? Our international circuits cover news outlets across the world, from Australia to Norway to Peru and more. You can localize your distribution to an international city like London, or an entire region, like Asia. Ask our newswire Support for more information about individual circuits.

  2. WHERE - Verify the geographic distribution you would like to send to. Do you want to send in English only or include distribution in the local language? Distributing in a particular country’s language maximizes your impact. Budget packages like Budget Global or Budget Europe easily distribute your English news, but single countries or News & Trades packages offer language translation built in to further reach readers.

  3. WHEN – Set your distribution time but be aware of translation times. Our translation turn-around-times for the average 1,000-word release are 24-48 hours. If your release is longer, such as an earnings release, it may take several business days. We can always distribute your English-language release first at the time of your choosing and the translations at a later date, or all can be scheduled for the same dissemination time if your lead time is sufficient.

  4. HOW - Finalize your release before submitting on our portal. Changes to a release with a translation already in progress will generate longer turn-around-times and could add undesired overage fees to your final price. Have your own translations you want to supply instead? Add the secondary files to your upload in the same place you provide your original document, within the same submission*.

  5. WHO – Your international release has been disseminated! Congratulations! Who read it? Tracking analytics for international releases works differently than US distribution, and the reason for that is many fold; some international endpoints don’t auto-post like North American ones do. Some editorialize, some use different reporting methods, some use email distribution, etc. All of this creates a challenge for our automatic crawlers to track international postings, and while we have robust international circuits, the automated analytics reports optimized to US circuits don’t accurately reflect the pickup by international outlets. Ask our Support team for an international clip report instead**.

*Note that providing your own translations does not reduce the circuit price, as the price is the cost of dissemination.
**Certain circuits excluded from clip reports.

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