Editorial Calendars (EdCals) and are a valuable resource for getting your content to journalists who are actively looking for items to use in their upcoming stories.

Each story opportunity listed cuts out the internet-wide research you would otherwise have to do to get a pitch, quote, imagery or video, or other information to a journalist who is working on a relevant story.

With all of your EdCals in one place, you can search, build rapport and get your important message to contacts who are looking to hear from people like you.

Searching for EdCal Records

Step 1: In the Connect Module, click on the "EdCals" Sub-tab

Step 2: Start your search by either entering a keyword in the search box or by applying one the filters on the menu on the left-hand side of your screen.

Step 3: Your search results will display on screen. You can customize your search results view.

Step 4: To view an EdCal record, click on the EdCal Story Opportunity name.

Step 5: In the EdCal Story Opportunity, view the more details and add the opportunity to a list. You can view the following information in the EdCal record:

  • Opportunity Name

  • Add to List button

  • Summary EdCal Details

  • Story Contact Details

  • Previous Outlet EdCals

  • Lists this Opportunity has been added to

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