Notified, and Intrado Corp. business, is compliant with the European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and proactively monitors future developments in the European Union as well as global privacy laws, including best practices.

Under GDPR, Intrado acts as a "data processor" in relation to the personal data from customers or on behalf of customers, and each customer remains the "data controller" with respect to such personal data. There are a number of obligations on data processors under GDPR. Accordingly, Intrado has a comprehensive GDPR compliance program that outlines Intrado’s processes in relation to demonstrating compliance (privacy by design, privacy impact assessments on our services, data mapping, privacy audits, updating our customer contracts and training videos), retention policies (data minimisation, data accuracy, record keeping, and access rights), security (ensuring accuracy and meeting ISO27002 standards), notification policies (breach

notification procedures) and subcontracting (ensuring our subcontractors meet our privacy and security minimum standards).

Notified may at any time update or modify its privacy and data security processes.

To learn more about Notified’s privacy and data protection processes please visit

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