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Does Notified provide a media contacts database?​
Does Notified provide a media contacts database?​

About the media contacts database and how to get access.

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Yes! Depending on your Notified PR Platform subscription, you may currently have access to media contacts in our Connect module. Anyone may purchase a subscription to media contacts in their region, or globally.

What can I do with the database?

  • Efficiently identify, research, and engage with key media contacts across traditional and social media

  • Access a comprehensive calendar of editorial opportunities from publication editorial calendars (EdCals)

  • Utilize a vetted contact repository including date stamp verifications of the latest update made by the Notified Media Analysts team

How is the database managed?

The media contacts database is curated by the largest research team in the industry. All contacts are reviewed every 90-180 days to updated information such as changes to journalist roles, moving to a different publication, etc.

All of our contacts meet the required opt-in/out global privacy laws and regulations.

How do I get access to the media contacts database?

If you are interested in subscribing to our media contacts database, contact our Support Team.

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