What are the recommended metrics to measure the success of a press release?

  • Unique Readers: Indicates the amount of people that have read your press release, excluding duplicate release views

  • Full Text Placements: Locates copies of your press release on third-party sites

  • Link click-through rate (CTR): The best metric to measure reader engagement

  • Social Media: Displays the number of shares of your press release on Twitter. (Tweets, Retweets and likes)

  • Media Impact: Captures any earned media articles about your press release

How are Unique Readers calculated?

Notified uses advanced digital technology to identify each reader of a press release. By combining several unique, yet anonymous identifiers, we can accurately identify real human traffic and prevent tracking the same person viewing a press release as separate views. These are Unique Readers, while the remaining views that did not pass our human evaluation are shown as Views.

What data is stored by Newswire Analytics?

Newswire Analytics does not store any PII (personal identifiable information). We offer information on when, from which country, and from which website your release is being viewed, however each reader is completely anonymous,

What is CTR?

CTR stands for click-through rate. It measures the percentage of the press release unique readers that clicked on a specific link.

How often are Newswire Analytics updated?

Placements are gathered every hour, while all other metrics are updated every 10 minutes.

What is included in the Media Impact Widget?

A list of earned media articles that have been written by independent journalists after reading your press release. Using the Media Impact Widget, you can gauge the potential reach of these articles, their sentiment as well as a list of related keywords, which are perfect for creating social media posts for promoting your press release.

What is the scope of view tracking?

Newswire Analytics tracks views originating from any website that does not have a paywall or require a login.

How is Potential Reach calculated?

Potential Reach is the sum of a domain’s unique visitors for last month. This number includes all visitors to the website that could have seen your press release.

How can the first image on a multimedia release gather thousands of views, while the press release has less Unique Readers?

All multimedia releases are featured on GlobeNewswire’s public newsroom. Every visitor to the newsroom will see the image and a view will be tracked. However, we only track views for the press release when someone clicks on the image to read the full content of the release.

What does Trailing stand for in the Comparison Report?

Trailing stands for choosing the number of days since each press release was published, rather than a specific period of time. Doing this enables a fair comparison between releases, giving each the same amount of time to gather data.

What is a Crawler?

Crawlers are automated bots that scour the web and index each page they visit. All search engines need to index a web page before it appears on a search. Each crawler in your analytics means that your press release can be found by using that search engine.

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