Will TikTok data be included in existing search profiles?

No, TikTok must be added to existing search profiles by following the steps in the getting started guide.

What TikTok data is included?

Notified collects the most popular TikTok content and has it available for all Listen users.

A TikTok channel that mentions my company is not included in the search. Why?

It could be that Notified is not listening to that specific channel. Reach out to our customer support team at support@notified.com or use the chat option in the Notified PR platform if there are specific channels that you’d like us to monitor.

What information are you capturing on TikTok?

Notified queries the Caption, including hashtags and tags, as well as the name of the music track and artist.

Can I add TikTok content to my Amplify or Sparkle feed?

Yes, you can add TikTok content to your Amplify or Sparkle feed the same way you add other content.

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