Is there a limit to the number of articles that can be included in Coverage Books?

There is not a limit.

Is there a limit to the number of Coverage Books that I can create?

There is not a limit.

Premium content is a part of my package; can it be included in Coverage Books?

Yes, premium content extracts may be included in coverage books. In compliance with global copyright laws, coverage books may be shared via URL with optional password protection; they may not be downloaded as PDF documents.

I made a coverage book with a date range that ends in the future. Will it automatically include the latest coverage?

I made a coverage book with a design that I want to use again; do I have to recreate it?

You do not. You may quickly duplicate coverage books by following the steps in the getting started guide.

I’d like to add articles to the Notified PR platform so that I can include them in Coverage Books; is this possible?
Yes! Simply click the cog in the Listen module to manually add articles, then tag those articles with the tag that you will use to create coverage books.

Can I include my GlobeNewswire press releases in Coverage Books?

Yes, GlobeNewswire press releases that match the search profile that you use are included in your content feed in the Listen module and can be tagged for inclusion in coverage books.

I’d like to create Coverage Books on a monthly or weekly cadence with the same design; can I do this?
Yes, by duplicating or creating coverage books with a future date range and ensuring that articles published during that time are tagged with the tag(s) for your coverage books.

I receive Executive Media Briefs from Notified as a part of my package; will their design change now that you also have Coverage Books?
No, nothing will change about your executive media briefs.

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