Exposure and engagement are key metrics for measuring the success of your press releases, but it can be difficult to understand and quantify your impact. What content and key messages resonated with your target audience? Did your release generate earned media coverage? Media Impact Reports are available in Notified. Read the article below to learn more about how we curate your reports, and where you can find them.

How do Media Impact Reports work?

When you distribute your press release through the Notified platform, the full text is automatically scanned against millions of global news articles – more than 3 million, in fact – every day for 30 days. Powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP), the Notified algorithm looks for similarities in titles, sentences, text strings, and quotes between your release and published news articles. When a match is found, it’s dynamically added to your Media Impact Report. You’ll see coverage directly resulting from your press release – articles that mention your brand, product, and executives.

Media Impact Reports help you understand the power of your press release. Did it grab people’s attention? Was your company represented favorably, and positioned as you intended? And if your release didn’t resonate with your target audiences, the insights in your report will help you adjust your content for your next press release.

What metrics are included in your Media Impact Report?

We know you need to see more than just a list of sites that posted your release; you need to see the reach, resonance, and impact of your content. Media Impact Reports provide you with relevant data and key metrics so that you can demonstrate the performance of your PR by reporting on outcomes, not outputs. Your report provides metrics on:

• News hits

• Reach

• Social engagement

• Media exposure

• Topics

• Sentiment

• Mentions

Where do you find the articles matched to your press release?

In your Newsroom, simply navigate to your distributed press releases. Included with other performance metrics, you’ll see News Hits and the number of articles matched to your release – this is a dynamic number, because we track your release for 30 days after it’s been distributed. You can see the related articles by clicking on the News Hits button.

How do you access your Media Impact Report?

1) Press Release Analytics

Simply click on the Media Impact button that appears alongside your release analytics. Your Media Impact Report is instantly available. Please note that a link to the report will only be available if we've found any matches.

2) Newsroom Analytics

You can also access your Media Impact Report as part of your newsroom analytics. Select a date range, and you’ll see a cumulative view of News Hits associated with your published releases.

How can you customize your Media Impact Report?

The news cycle is dynamic, so we’ve created Media Impact Reports to be dynamic, too. You can easily modify the articles within your News Hits by removing unwanted articles, and augmenting your report with relevant articles that you find.

Navigate to the Listen module, and if you see news articles you want to add to your report, just click the Associate to PR button.

If you haven’t discovered Media Impact Reports yet, now’s the time! We hope that you enjoy this new feature and that you quickly see how it can add value to your PR program. As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions or feature requests.

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