In Notified, you can get two types of Instagram data - hashtag searches and all posts from a specific account. This guide describes how you can get started monitoring a specific account. 

What kind of profiles can I monitor? 

With the release of the Instagram Graph API, it is now only possible to monitor so called Instagram Business Profiles. In a step to protect the privacy of Instagram users, it is therefore no longer possible to monitor personal profiles. 

How can I tell if an Instagram account is a Business Profile?

Here's how to check if the account you have your eye on is a Business Profile:

  1. They have their Business Type listed directly under the name of their account. This info is pulled in from their Facebook Business Page. As you can see, IKEA is listed as a Retail Company.

  2. They have the 'Email,' 'Directions,' or 'Call' buttons on their profile. A super-easy way for customers to find/contact you without leaving the Instagram app.

Also, if you try to add a non-business profile in Notified you will get a message telling you the profile is not a Business Profile. 

How do I monitor an Instagram Business profile in Notified? 

Before you can start monitoring an Instagram Account, you must authenticate a Business Profile account that you own yourself. Navigate to your Account Settings in the upper right corner: 

Once there, click the "Connections" tab and scroll down to "Connect Instagram Business Profile." 

The account you connect with must be connected to your Facebook account. Please note that you must also be an administrator of that account. 

After you're done authenticating your Instagram Account, head to Listen and click the button to add a new Search profile. Select Social Account, and then you'll be presented with two options: 

  1. To add an account that is connected to the Instagram Account you just authenticated. 

  2. To add any other Instagram Business Profile, regardless if you control it or not. 

If you go for option 1, just select the account you wish to add from the list. If you go for option 2, start typing the name of the account you wish to add and you will be presented with different alternatives matching your query. Click add and now you are ready to go!

You'll get slightly different results if it's an account you own vs. just any other account. For accounts you own, you will also get posts where you have been tagged by another Instagram user. 

Our clients use Instagram Account Monitoring most often to analyze their performance or their performance in relation to competitors. To start analyzing the accounts you've just added, head to Measure and select the appropriate template!

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