There are three different approaches to getting rid of posts that are not interesting to you and your colleagues:

  1. We have a function called block source.

  2. We have the function of manually deleting posts.

  3. You can exclude words that occur in the faulty posts when editing the search profile.

Block Source

If you feel that a source often appears and the posts from that source are irrelevant (for example, it's often job ad pages), you can use "Block Source." When using this, you can choose to either block the source from the current search profile, or block the source from your entire account.

Blocking the source from your entire account means that it will not appear under any search profile in the future.

You can manage all your blocked sources under "Account Settings" - "Blocked Sources"

Manually deleting posts

If you feel that sometimes there are single irrelevant posts that you do not want to see in the flow or counted in your analysis, you can quickly and easily delete these posts manually.

You do this via the small checker in the right corner of each post you want to get rid of. You can also select multiple posts at the same time and then press "Delete."

Exclusion Words in editing mode

If we post a search on Tesla, for example, but we do not want any hits on their Model 3 in the feed, then we can exclude it in the search.

Either via Keyword Query:

Or via Boolean Query:

Then there will be no posts containing "model 3" appearing in the search profile.

If neither of these answers helped you then we ask that you contact us at support.

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