Notified offers different media types and each one comes with its own historical data specifications. We constantly work to increase those limits and it may change over time.

Default media types

Online articles: The 500 most recent unique articles. No time limit.

Blogs: Up to 12 months or 1000 posts.

Twitter: Up to 7 days or 500 Tweets.

Facebook: Up to 14 days or 500 posts.

Instagram: Up to 30 days or 500 posts.

Youtube: Up to 30 days or 500 posts.

TikTok: Up to 30 days or 500 posts.

Forum: Up to 30 days or 500 posts.

Additional content

TV and radio: The 2000 most recent clips.

Podcasts: The 500 most recent podcasts.

Premium online news and print: The 500 most recent posts.

NLA eClips Web: The 500 most recent posts.

Once a search profile has been set up and starts to collect, all data will be saved as long as you subscribe to our services so your historical data period will grow over time.

If you have questions or feedback regarding historical data, please reach out to your dedicated account manager or

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