Today we're happy to announce some new, exciting features!

  • Podcast monitoring - As we announced a few weeks back, we're adding Podcasts as a new source to monitor. Available as a fully integrated add-on product, this new offering enables you to monitor more than 20 000 of the most popular podcasts! If you're interested in trying this for free, speak to your contact person and they'll set it up for you!
  • Custom fonts in newsrooms - Although we offer an extensive range of available fonts, some of our clients have requested to use their custom fonts. Just upload your favorite font and you're all set!
  • Faster data exports - For search profiles with a lot of mentions, exporting to excel can sometimes take a lot of time. We've spent a lot of effort improving this and it should be much quicker than before. 
  • Better Instagram widgets in newsrooms - You can now filter to only show your own posts when selecting Instagram as a source in the media mentions widget. This means that posts where you have been mentioned or tagged will not appear without your approval. 

We hope that you enjoy this new release and please reach out to us if you have any questions or have any feature requests!

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