• We've extended the possibilities for how you can view posts in Listen! Just above your lists of news you have a few new options 1) to display the preamble of an article (activated by default) 2) Retweets and duplicate articles are by default collapsed. You can now choose to show all posts expanded if you wish to view each post separately.


  • Previously, if you shared a dashboard, it would be dynamic depending on when you accessed the dashboard. We've now added the possibility to share the dashboard with a fixed date so that a specific time period always appear. Great when sharing quarterely reports for example.  


  • The media mentions widget has been updated so that you can choose that posts from a search profile will be published automatically, i.e. without the need for you to tag what posts to publish. A big time samer when displaying posts from your social accounts! :) We've also added a range of new display options. 
  • New widget! We've extended how you can display your news posts on the front page. You're now able to filter on post type & topic so you can show exactly the content you want!
  • More newsroom settings. Set your default settings for license type, contact persons and reply to email.

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