We strive continuously to capture all news published online in editorial media sources. But sometimes, it may occur that we miss an article. In most cases, this happens because:

  1. The news source has made changes in its layout. For example, if the news source adds a new section or changes the layout of the first page. Our search engine must be re-edited to properly read the content.

  2. For some reason, we have not indexed the source. This may be because it is a relatively new source that we have not identified yet, or that it is a small and relatively unknown source that we have not discovered. It may also be that we deliberately chose to exclude the source, and most often this is because of its doubtful editorial character or that it is merely a gathering place for links to other sources.

If you find that the coverage is lacking, or missing entirely on a news source that you wish to follow, just get in touch with support@notified.com and we will add the source for free, if it meets the quality criteria. We strive to continuously keep the highest quality data retrieval, so we're more than happy to receive feedback if there's anything we can do better!

If you are interested in seeing an up-to-date list of the editorial sources we are covering at the moment, you can find this information here.

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