Publishing media content such as press images, videos, and documents to your newsroom is a great way to gather your brand assets and make them available for different stakeholders. 

In Notified, you publish content to your newsroom in two steps: 

  1. You upload your content to the Media Library. Objects in the Media Library can be displayed/related to in separate posts but are otherwise not visible in your newsroom. Media items that you include in your posts are automatically added to your Media Library. 

  2. After you've uploaded your media files, you can organize them into collections and make them public using our Press Kits-feature. 

In order to create Press Kits, navigate to Publish > Press Kits and click "Add Presskit." 

Here you're given the ability to: 

  1. Give the Press Kit a name. Will be displayed as the title of the collection.

  2. Give the Press Kit a description. Will be displayed under the title and is a good way of informing users about how the material is intended to be used. 

  3. Define whether the Press Kit should be visible in your newsroom. If you wish to relate a news post to a Press Kit, but don't want the Press Kit to be displayed in your newsroom before the release is actually published, this is the way to do it :)

And last, but not least, you can add the desired media objects from your Media Library. 

You can change the order in which your Press Kits appear in the newsroom. Simply drag them into their desired position!

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