Over the past two years, we've been working hard on implementing the new Notified.
We believe that this new platform is the way forward for communication and market professionals.

Along with social media monitoring, we also added a few additional core functionalities:
- Connect: Find journalists and influencers writing about your subjects.
- Publish: Create a professional newsroom and publish press releases to relevant persons gathered under Connect.
- Amplify: Visualize your fans' content on your home page or on screens.

Why upgrade?
The majority of Notified's customers are already using the new platform and we are eager to get everyone on board.

Using the new platform will give you the following benefits:
- Even better UI and report functionalities.
- Better and faster social media monitoring with preview mode.
- New features. All of the exciting functionality coming this year will only be implemented in the new platform.
- Access to new core functionality; Connect, Publish and Amplify, as stated above.

How to upgrade?
It's easy! Just contact us on the chat or send us an email (support@notified.com)

Need more information?
Please visit our video section and learn more about the new amazing Notified.

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