The Cambridge Analytica scandal has drastically affected how open Facebook is with their data. As of yesterday, April 4, 2018, Instagram changed their API without any advance notice. This will affect all users of the Instagram API, including us. 

Your current collected data in Notified will remain unchanged, but new content collection will be affected in a few ways. Here are some of the key points in the changes made by Instagram:

  1. We cannot search for content from a specific user handle, i.e. getting instagram posts from e.g. @notifiedswe. 

  2. No more data used for social account analytics will be collected for Instagram

  3. Instagram has reduced the number of possible API requests from 5000 per hour to 200 per hour. This means that the collection of Instagram data will be slower and more latent than before. In order to minimize this, it is important that you connect your Instagram account (if you have not already done this). You do this under user settings => connections (

  4. There will be no meta data, such as number of likes, the number of followers etc. 

  5. Author profile images and full names are no longer aggregated and will no longer show on posts (GDPR compliance). Author username handle (@username) will still show.

As stated, these changes came with no notice from Instagram, and probably as a result of the current climate around Facebook's data sharing policies. 

At Notified, we're now working actively on figuring out how we will work toward Instagram given the new restraints. One change that we're already in the process of working toward is to improve the data you can get about your own accounts. 

We thank you for your understanding, and rest assured that more information will follow as we learn more about the new situation. 

Please reach out to us at should you have any additional questions. 

Best Regards, 

Marcus Norrving
CEO, Notified

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